once upon a time… Wild at Heart

Un film de Auberi Edler

Film director : Auberi Edler
Authors : Auberi Edler, Serge July, Marie Genin
Camera Emile Dubuisson, Franck Brisset, Eric Genillier
Sound Thierry Blandin, Brian Fish, Andy Rovins, Nelson Stoll
Film Editor Barbara Bascou
Runtime : 52 minutes
Aspect Ratio : Beta num. 16/9
Broadcasters : Arte, TCM, France5

With :

David Lynch director
Laura Dern actress
Angelo Badalamenti composer
Fred Elmes cinematographer
Isabella Rossellini actress
Randy Thom sound composer
Martha Nochimson author of The Passion Of David Lynch

David Lynch’s Wild at Heart is released in 1990.

Portrait of a film : two innocents share a passionate, sexual love adventure as they traverse a crazy world. It is Romeo and Juliet retold as a rock n’ roll road movie, a love forged in hell. It wins a Palme d’or at Cannes in 1990.

Portrait of an era : the filming begins after the Tiananmen Square massacre, which opens the door for unbridled capitalism in China. During the editing, the Berlin Wall falls, provoking the fall of the Soviet Empire. After, the world is on fire : from the explosion of Yugoslavia to the incendiary riots in Los Angeles. David Lynch chose to film a world illuminated by fire and blood.

Portrait of a director : David Lynch, furniture designer, photographer, musician, author of songs and music videos, and movie director, is one of the key figures of the American avantgarde. “Show violence… without having to feel it” : David Lynch is able to do this through his experience with Transcendental Meditation and Wild At Heart is a perfect demonstration.