Once upon a time… To Our Loves

Un film de David Thompson

Directed by David Thompson
Written by
David Thompson, Serge July et Marie Genin
Photography Hervé Lodé
Sound Thierry Blandin, Joël Flescher, Nicolas Schlomoff
Editing Eric Renault
Runtime 52 minutes
HDCam, 16/9e
Version Française
Copyrights Folamour – ARTE France – TCM – 2012
Distributors Arte France, TCM, RTS


Contributors :
Sandrine BONNAIRE role of Suzanne
Florence QUENTIN first assistant
Arlette LANGMANN screenwriter of the film
Dominique BESNEHARD role of Robert
Yann DEDET film editor
Jacques LOISELEUX director of photography
Sylvie PIALAT stage manager of the film
Jacques FIESCHI film critic, actor in the film
Cédric KAHN filmmaker


Maurice Pialat


Maurice Pialat directed To Our loves in 1983.


Portrait of a film : Suzanne is 15. On holiday on the Cote d’Azur, she rejects the boy she loves and gives herself to a stranger on the beach. Back in Paris she collects sexual encounters. Her father, a furrier she admires, has left the family home overnight. Torn between a half-mad mother and a tyrannical and egocentric brother who beats her, she takes refuge in a marriage without a future. After the return of the father during a family dinner, she decides to leave the family as well and departs for the United States.


Portrait of an Era : The film tells the story of the birth of a modern woman in the early 80s, that of a young girl who belongs to a generation influenced by contraception, who makes love seeking immediate gratification and who does not know what she wants. She faces a conflict of generations and triumphs over it. When François Mitterrand is elected, this conflict of generations is solved on the political level: youth frees itself completely, it leaves behind what had remained of the Gaullist society. The alternation in power has occurred. Individualism will triumph.


Portrait of a director : M. Pialat is 58 years old when he shoots To Our Loves. He is a filmmaker apart, happy to be so and who will eventually be recognized. He could have been a director of the New Wave. He is not. What he accuses Godard, Truffaut, Chabrol of is that «they never had the cruelty necessary to those claiming to be an artist.» What interests Pialat is man and in man, his cruelty, his dark side, his weaknesses, pain, laughter and despair. The naked man. A long time painter, Pialat is the only filmmaker who films as a painter, in layers, in strokes, as a raw art painter. Maurice Pialat would have shot only 10 feature films in his career.